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Ladies who Linger  (at Runyon Canyon Hike Trail)
Hikes with Humphrey #adventuredog (at Runyon Canyon Hike Trail)
Words of wisdom from the local dry cleaner #onemoretime  (at Milt and Edie’s Dry Cleaners)
The office.  (at Playa Vista, California)
The sun is setting on my time in NYC  (at Radio City Music Hall)
Some Things Take Time
by Christian Metzner
When the moon is full it gives off a radiant light that fills the sky. It seems benevolent and powerful. When it is just a sliver, it doesn’t impart the same sense of wonder and hopefulness. But in reality it is still the same whole moon—you are just seeing it from a different location.
Henry LerolleThe Organ Rehearsal, 1885
Richard SerraJunction, 2011Gagosian Gallery
John James AudubonAmerican Flamingo, 1838