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Mona Johannesson by Cleo Sullivan


Doppelgangers caught on camera

Francois Brunelle is a French Canadian photographer whose work gives new meaning to the phrase “double exposure.

For the past several years, Brunelle has been documenting doppelgangers — people who happen to look strikingly similar but aren’t related. He’s on a quest to make 200 black-and-white portraits, and plans to eventually turn the project into a book.”

“I don’t paint the town red. But when I do go out, people always want to touch my hair. It happens every time.” - David Lynch
Natalie Portman - Bazaar by David Sims, November 1997
Christian Bale

“La Beauté du Diable”. Missy Rayder by Miguel Reveriego.
Gustav Klimt

josephine skriver by hasse nielsen for bon international f/w 2011.
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Adrian Brody looking fresh.